China Water Shortage

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China’s Water Shortages China has the biggest population in the world at the moment, however it only supplies 7% of the World’s water supply. In the Capital, Beijing, there are many reasons why there is such a substantial shortage. These reasons can be separated into human factors and physical factors. As you can see from Source 8, there is a massive divide between the South of China and the North of China. The North of China houses 40% of the population. This is just under half, and shockingly it only supplies 8% of the water supply in China, this causes serious droughts in Beijing. There are many reasons why. Firstly, is purely due to the lack of rainfall in the north of China. On average, the North only gets about 300 mm a year. This is not a lot compared to the south which gets about 2500 mm a year. This is one of the main reasons why there is such drought in the north compared to the south. This is a physical reason, which can not be altered very easily. Another reason why there is a problem of Water in Beijing is due to massive increase in population growth. This is a human factor, which obviously effects the amount of water. If the levels of people who need water is increasing, but the amount of water is not, this causes a shortage and many problems. A third reason, why there is a shortage of water in China is due to the pollution in China. China has one f the highest pollution rates. This pollution from factories is put into the water, thus contaminating it. Once the water is contaminated, it can no longer be used. If there is less use-able water available it causes droughts and water shortages. This is a human factor which can easily be stopped. However, I personally believe that it is just not one of these reasons, but all of these reasons that contribute to the current water shortages in Beijing. As we all know,
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