Stage 4-6 Water Restrictions

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Local Councils along the East Coast have publicly stated that when dams 40% capacity level 6 water restrictions will be relaxed. Prior to the extreme low, most of the East Coast were in stage 4-6 water restrictions. Councils along the East Coast have lowered the restrictions to level 2. Although the communities of the East Coast believe that because the dams are close to 40% it should be “ok” to completely lift the restrictions, they couldn’t be any further from the correct answer to solving the East Coast’s drought problem. Just because the dams are 40% it is clearly illogical for residence to be able to use whatever level of water consumption they please. Dams will deplete inevitably. According to the Queensland Chief Water Commissioner Elizabeth Nosworthy, if residence of the East Coast used jus 10 minutes extra water than they need, 150 million liters of water from just 1 dam will be wasted per week. Forcing level 6 water restrictions to be implemented in just a few weeks. “What the…show more content…
Unfortunately, Brisbane residents are unable to conserve water without restrictions, which is why the restrictions system is utilized by local government. Brisbane residents have lived with level 6 water restrictions for the past 2 years and as they have been so limited there will undoubtedly be a self indulgent splurge by almost ever house hold. The dams won’t be able to handle the rush and it will only result in short term gain for long term loss. On level 6 water restrictions, the parameters for water use are 140 liters per person per day. At 40 per cent of the reserves, water restrictions will be reduced to level 3 which is 170 liters per person per day. However, communities want more. Why should Brisbane use more water than they need when the residents already have proven that they are perfectly capable living with water

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