The Little Emperors Daniela Deane Analysis

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The One Child Policy Under the Chinese History In the early period after the founding of the People's Republic of China, Chairman Mao believed that a strong nation should have a large population. However, with the development of society, China suffered many problems causing from the large population. The one-child policy was adopted in 1979, in response to the growing population. In the essay “The Little Emperors”, Daniela Deane points out several negative effects of the one-child policy, such as the “millions of abortions, fewer girls and a generation of spoiled children”(65). However, Chinese history has effected people’s mind and habits, so the one-child policy is not the only reason that causes these problems; in other words, the one-child policy effectively reduce the Chinese population. The large number of abortions is one problem that caused from Chinese history. After the long time of revolution,…show more content…
Without the one-child policy, the population of China will keep increasing. With a big population stress Chinese families cannot get better living conditions. The increasing population is only not a burden for China; it is also a burden for the world. With the limited natural resources, controlling population is a good way to ease the presses. In other words, one-child policy is another way to reduce the resources. Chinese government encourages people “late marriage, late childbirth”, which make a big effect for young couples’ thoughts. In today’s China, some young couples choose to have children late or do not want to have a child. Some new styles of family are growing in China. For a big country like China, one important thing is being responsible to the world. Decreasing the domestic population presses is the currency duty for China. Even though the one-child policy causes some negative effects, but currently it is an effective way for the population of

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