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On contemporary society, watching TV has become a popular leisure activity. It can not only teach us but also make us easy. However, when asked about whether parents should limit the time their child spend on it, people have a dilemma. According to my personality and experience, I cling to an unshakable belief that watching too much TV programs could have adverse effects on children. The main reason for my propensity is that children’s minds is not mature enough, they will be misled by some inappropriate images on TV easily. Take Li, a middle school student, as example, last year his classmate borrowed $200 from him, but now his classmate doesn’t want to pay back. He was very disappointed and swollen with indignation. After seeing the movie“hero”, he thought violence is the best solution for the contradiction. He asked some blackguards beat his classmate up. You can image the result, Li end up with being expelled by the middle school What matters more, watching too much TV program would account for their study time. If children spend most of their time on watching TV they would show reluctance towards school works and outdoor activities. Take my sister, a junior student, as example, she spent at least 4 hours per day watching animated cartoons and fascinating movies before his midterm. I think her brain was filled with the cartoon image. So she performed badly at her midterm inevitably. Hence, my parents limit the time she spent on watching TV. She also realized the problem and focused her mind on studying and doing exercise. At last she obtained A in all his subjects including P.E. Finally, students who spend less time on TV would have more chances to get along with their peers. Since human can’t live without interacting with other people today, students have to learn how to cooperate and communicate with others in their early stage. As you can

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