Child Soldiers in Uganda

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“In Uganda, an estimated 5,000 children have been abducted since June of 2002” (“Child Soldiers”). Children should not be forced into lifestyles where they have a closure from the rest of society. Children should live a peaceful life. ‘”We have seen time and again that turning a blind eye o justice undercuts durable peace,”’ said Becker (“Uganda: No Amnesty…”). Children are not servants and should not be treated as such. Child soldiers in Uganda are being subjected to cruel treatment and harsh conditions, but there are organizations helping to rejoin them back within society. Uganda abducts children and uses them as child soldiers and others uses as well. Some uses include them being made to fight in wars, as slaves, and to reveal an enemies location. Also, the wage for children cost less. For example, it cost less to feed, shelter, and clothe children whether then them recruiting adults. The reason that children are not difficult to capture because they are not able to fully think for themselves (“Child Soldiers”). Also a child would oppose no threat as an adult would. When a child is abducted and then released or escape it is hard for them to reinstate within society because they don’t have that same trust. ‘”The abduction of children has destroyed the lives of thousands of children and their families”’ said Becker (“Uganda Child Abduction…”). ‘Child soldiers don’t always understand the risk of the battlefield, and they are usually more tolerant than adults to harsh living” (“Child Soldiers”). Some children even join military groups willingly. This could be for a number of reasons, such as being from a poor family or them feeling like they are not getting enough attention at home. ‘” Children live in fear”’ said Becker (“Uganda: Child Abductions…”). The way that children in these situations are being treated is terrible. Adolescents who have been abducted are
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