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Child Observation Paper

  • Submitted by: kristen16
  • on July 29, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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For my childhood observation study, I chose to ask one of my co-workers for permission to study her son. My co-worker’s son, who I will continue to refer to as Sam, is a Caucasian five year old male. Considering that my co-worker and I are pretty close and that I am familiar with her son, I thought that this would be a perfect way to study a child versus studying a child that I am not familiar with. I spent two hours per week over the span of four weeks with her son. Although the observation occurred during the time that we bowled in a league each week, the observations were just enough to get the necessary information needed to write this paper. I also made a brief packet in which I chose the ten terms that I wished to focus on. You will later find out those specific terms in which I chose. I gave the packet to my co-worker in which she took a few days answering and explaining in great detail, the types of things that I wished to learn about her son and wished to talk about. Sam comes from a household that consists of two grandparents, a mom and a dad, a sister in high school, a brother in college and a dog. Sam’s parents are not married but my co-worker insists that being married has nothing to do with raising a child and that they are doing just fine. Both of Sam’s parents are currently attending college and working full time in order to provide a good life for Sam. As you can imagine, having a five year old son while going to school and working can become a pretty busy task at hand as well as stressful most days. The goals that I had in mind for conducting this project and while putting the packet together was to learn as much as I could about the child Sam is becoming. I wanted to see if Sam is on the right track in his child development regarding his motor skills, language, thinking, whether he plays with other kids or by himself,   how he feels about himself as a person, and what he identifies himself as regarding his gender. I also wanted to just simply get...

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