Provide Care for Children

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CHCCN302A. Provide Care for Children Assignment 1: Off the job Read the following case study and describe how you would plan to meet the emotional needs of Max within the childcare service. Max • Aged 3 and a half years • Attendance pattern: Five days per week, he only commenced two weeks ago • Family: Two parents, no siblings. • Other information: • Floppy teddy bear accompanies Max to care each day and is used at rest time • Limited friendships amongst peers • Quiet and often withdrawn uses aggression to initiate contact with other children - has difficulty initiating play • Has developed a strong friendship with Jesse (neighbour). Scenario Max's parents are concerned about his socialisation and that is one of the reasons he is in care five days per week. They feel he needs the opportunity to play with other children and to make friendships. At home he plays by himself and is willing to join in play experiences initiated by his parents. During his first two weeks at the centre Max is withdrawn and makes little attempt to play with or initiate contact with other children. His arrival each morning is very stressful and he experiences difficulty separating from his mother. His floppy teddy bear (cuddly) is used as a transition object for settling into the centre as well as at rest time. Carla the caregiver, has noticed that both Max and Jesse have not formed a strong friendship with any other children, and as they are neighbours and know each other she fosters a relationship between them. Max and Jesse seem to hit it off and both enjoy playing active games which involve running, jumping and climbing both inside and outside. Whilst they enjoy rough and tumble play they limit their interactions to each other and make little attempt to include others in the play. Max’s mum, Kim has expressed happiness
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