Child Observation Essay

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Running Head: OBSERVATION Child Observation Childhood Observations This observation describes two children in childhood over a period of two weeks. The children were observed in their home environment, work, and a restaurant setting. This paper records the observations of the children, observing to see if they are following the principles of development as discussed in, Human Development Across the Lifespan, by John Dacey, Lisa Fiore, and John Travers. The first child that was observed was a male age ten, about fifty- four inches in height, and seventy-two pounds. The male has no siblings. He is Caucasian and socio-economically middle class and lives in a rural area. Extended family lives in sate. Grandmother visits frequently. Both parents are still married. He is homeschooled and spends the majority of the day with his mother. The male plays on a local little league team for local homeschooled children. He is also in 4-H and is involved with animals on a daily basis. The male was very abrupt and did not have good communication with other children that he came in contact with because he was very dominating. He seemed to intimidate the other children. This may be due to age, lack of socialization, having no siblings and not being in the typical classroom setting with interaction of peers. According to Eissenger, Fabes, and Sinrad siblings play a critical role in the socialization of children (2009, p. 198). He spoke very well and confidently. He seemed to feel very self-assured. The male liked to show off his toys, played computer games frequently, was fascinated by action figures giving them lifelike characteristics which follows gender characteristics according to Unger and Crawford (2009, p. 210). The male had authoritative parents according to Baumrind and that type of discipline keeps a good balance for the child (2009, p. 196). The female

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