Child Beauty Pageants Essay

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* I believe that child beauty pageants should be banned! Beauty Pageants began in the 1920’s in America. Child beauty pageants began in the 1960’s. Child beauty pageants are beauty competitions for children aged 0 to 18. Pageants consist of the child modelling sportswear, evening clothing, casual, swim, western, celebrity wear, an outfit of choice, and there is a division for talent. Throughout all these sections, contestants are usually wearing makeup, as well as sophisticated hairstyles. The judging in competitions is based on individuality in looks, capability, perfection and confidence. * Child beauty pageants should be banned because they give these children the wrong idea about what beauty is. Fake eyelashes, fake tans, lipstick, makeup, fake nails, flippers which are fake teeth, teased hair, hair extensions, waxing, high heels, practised smiles, rehearsed dance routines, manicured nails, and in some cases children getting Botox. People think that is beauty. These children believe that this is normal. It is making children as young a six months act and look like they are much older than that. The clothes, the makeup, the hair…these kids can age about 10 years when they compete. * As the saying goes ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. In other words, someone or something that is considered attractive to one person may not necessarily appeal to another. Everyone has their own opinion on beauty, and it is certainly not the same as the next person. For some people, beauty is only physical. For others, beauty is just a woman’s charm, intelligence, or personality. However pageant participants are taught that “beautiful” is a woman who is thin, wears a lot of make-up, has fake hair, bleached teeth and spray on tans. Basically, a fake woman. * Beauty pageants sexualise participating children. The whole point of makeup, sophisticated hairstyles,

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