Child Beauty Pageants

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Would you want your sister looking like this? What about you, would you have liked to be dressed like this at that age? Good morning ladies and gentlemen and Mrs Grange. I’m here to talk to you about children in beauty pageants and how they should not participate. These beauty pageants encourage dieting among kids. As well as showing the children as a sex image. I will finish up with a rebuttal stating how beauty contest increase children’s confidence. These contests encourage diets amongst children. It has been proven that 51% of 9 and 10 year old girls feel better about themselves when they are on a diet. This is because the average child looks up to these other kids and supermodels wanting to look like they do on the runway. Time Magazine reported that 80% of all children have been on a diet by the time they are in grade 4. This is setting bad body image for young girls which are shown in the statistics saying there has been a 270% increase in the number of girls hospitalized for eating disorders in the past 10 years. Why should children be encouraged to diet at such young ages? Due to the huge amount of children on diets, I believe that kids shouldn’t be able to participate in beauty pageants. Children are seen as a sex images in beauty pageants. These pageants frame the children into becoming sex objects. At such a young age, children shouldn’t be exposed to such things. These pageants make the contestants an easy target for paedophiles. These competitions are exploiting these young children to sex at such a young age. These children are covered in make-up, and have photo shopped entry photos which take them away from their natural beauty. This makes their image more sexually inappropriate for their age. Children shouldn’t be exposed to things like this at such a young age; this is why beauty pageants aren’t appropriate for young children. Those who
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