Argumentative Essay On Pimping My Child

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Kahlil M. Barrett English 1102 Susan Laplant 24 April 2013 Pimping My Child When a person thinks of a little girl and everything that she is supposed to represent, the first thing that comes to mind is a joyful little child wearing pink overalls. Perhaps she even has a little tea set with stuffed animals and Barbie dolls. They can see her hair in pigtails or little braids with hair bows on the end. That’s a pretty cute and vivid picture right? Now what if little girls who are barely 5 years old could now wear high heels, cake on pounds of make-up, plaster on fake eyelashes, and wear the brightest shade of red lipstick as possible? This knowledge would probably appear appalling to them. Little girls should not think about wearing heels…show more content…
Because they competed in pageants as little girls, their mindset might be different from other girls. They may feel like appearance is everything and because they learned how to use their appearance to get whatever they want, they could very well become sexually active a little earlier than they are supposed to be. And because of their becoming sexually active early, there could be an increased chance that they could become pregnant while they are still in school. This could very well lead them to becoming pageant parents themselves, and in doing so starts the chain of events all over again in a never ending circle of corrupting young, innocent minds. All of this is a possibility because these girls started competing in pageants to…show more content…
Rick Nauert quotes Martina M. Cartwright, Ph.D., a registered dietician and adjunct professor in the University of Arizona’s department of nutritional sciences, in his article, “Child Beauty Pageants May Be More About Parents,” saying, “It is not uncommon for parents, especially those of young athletes, to exhibit what is known as benign ‘achievement by proxy,’ in which they experience pride and joy through their child’s achievements but still recognize a child’s limitations” (qtd. in Nauert). Pageant parents can overwork their children and not even realize it because they enjoy the thrill of the competition to the point that they completely disregard their children’s needs in favor of their own. Perhaps if we can assess why the parents act in this destructive manner, we can began to really fix the growing problems and issues that come from child beauty

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