"Cheating Culture" David Callahan

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Linda Borgen RWS 280 June 17, 2010 Word Count: 1,272 Cheaters, Liars, and Imposters, Oh My! Growing up, do you remember hearing the phrase, “honesty is the best policy?” Our society has lost the mentality of being honest in order to succeed and get ahead in life, even if it means they must go against their morals and cheat. David Callahan, a political science professor and speaker of an academic lecture “On Campus: Author Discusses the ‘Cheating Culture’ with College Students,” claims that American society has taken root in the “cheating culture,” that welcomes and praises those who have chosen to conform to cheating. This occurs in business, in sports, and in academia and as a result, they have all become more competitive in a “winner take all society” (par. 18). Callahan develops and supports his main claim by illustrating problems with a “cheating culture” followed by offering solutions for maintaining academic integrity. Callahan’s purpose is to spotlight the many disturbing facts about greed, deceit, and cynicism in order to inform his audience that they must fight and build a more fair and honest society in order to create equal opportunity and meritocracy for America. Callahan develops his argument and achieves his purpose of informing students by employing specific rhetorical strategies which allows him to further engage his audience, high school and college students who can create a better future. Two rhetorical strategies that are seen in Callahan’s lecture are his use of historical references and the illustrations of society’s pop culture. Callahan uses historical references from Abraham Lincoln and Mahatma Gandhi in his closing statements of his lecture in order to not only get the attention of his audience showing them that he is educated and worldly, but to make an impact on them with wise words from other educated men. Callahan quotes
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