4 Pillars of College Success in Science

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4 Pillars of College Success in Science Name: Institution: 4 Pillars of College Success in Science Freeman Hrabowski, the chancellor at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, gave a moving TED speech on the significance of STEM education. During his two decade headship at the university, Mr. Hrabowski transformed a young campus into a research institution acknowledged as one of the most pioneering not only in the country, but in the world (TED, 2013). Hrabowski’s goal, according to the Ted video, is to continue building a campus that is rated highly in instruction and research and, which prepares learners of all backgrounds for educational and life success. This paper will analyze this video including its outline – main points – and other factors. In this video, Freeman Hrabowski passionately reaches out for his aim to brighten up the course for the next generation of “young individuals” (TED, 2013). Hrabowski discussed the lack of motivation and shortcomings of current university students. He searched for means of boosting what the students’ wanted to learn that will lead to their success. Hrabowski also says that courage is simply how much a student wants what they do (TED, 2013). With reference to this, if students shy away from attaining greater dreams and goals and argue that they are not bright enough, then that is only an excuse. As the president of the university declares, there is no such thing as smartness; it is simply how much people try to get what they need and desire since lethargy and the thought that someone is smart will not take them anywhere (TED, 2013). The four pillars of success, he confirmed, were forming community amongst the students, high expectations, using researchers to create researchers and educational faculty getting concerned with their students’ affairs (TED, 2013). The high expectations create a feeling of curiosity

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