Why Johnny Cant Argue

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Patrick Hazel Critical Response Assignment February 4, 2013 Critical Response to Gerald Graffs, “Why Johnny Can’t Argue” Gerald Graffs, “Why Johnny Can’t Argue” description of arguments may seem over exaggerated to some, but I on the other hand feel his views of argument hold many truths. Throughout the short essay Graff has written what I consider to be several key points in making a strong, structured and focused argument. I agree with the idea that idea of argument starts when you are very young. The fact that kids argue at such a young age proves that argument is an essential part of human life. He goes on to talk about how argument at its most elementary form contains the same basic elements of a scholarly argument with less sophisticated language. This is certain because with any argument there is a claim and a counter claim supported by individual judgments and beliefs. It does not matter if the argument is between educated individuals or not, the basic elements remain constant. Yet today there seems to be many students lacking these basic elements of argument. The problem in the school structure that Graff recognizes is lack of persuasion to get students to argue. This holds true in my personal experiences in academics. Despite the fact the educating administration is trying to avoid violent disputes because of arguments, they fail to see that properly structured arguments are the best way to avoid violence. Without the school system instilling the ideas and values of argument, students will lack an outlet for an argument consisting of words and are more likely to resort to violence for resolution. In a section of Gerald’s essay he advocates that educated conversation be shared with uneducated audiences as a basis for understanding any scholarly topic as well as a basis for a strong argument. Yet many people today
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