Jerry Sandusky Case Study

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Jerry Sandusky and Pennsylvania State University: Unethical Behavior Jerry Sandusky was a popular assistant coach for Pennsylvania State University. Sandusky was also the chief executive officer of his charity for young people called the Second Mile. Sandusky and his lack of ethics used his power as an authority figure to sexually advance with the young boys he and Joe Paterno coached. This is a clear case of someone misusing their power. This is an ethical business issue that displays the lack of business ethics used by Sandusky as well as some of his fellow employees. Jerry Sandusky was an assistant coach for Pennsylvania State University. He worked under Joe Paterno the head coach. Sandusky was a popular college football coach who never…show more content…
Business ethics is basically the same as normal ethics. Ethics is identifying and learning what is right or wrong, and distinguishing right or wrong in the environment in which and individuals are involved. “Ethics is a broad and murky area and the workplace is full of ethical dilemmas and issues” (Orsini and McDougal1999). Sandusky played a major role to Pennsylvania State University football team who strong ethics background influence the coaching staff to give him a job as a defensive coach and was promoted to assistant coach. The University used the Consequentialism system; Utilitarism, which seeks the greatest good for the greatest number of people. Sandusky appeared to have good standards and great ethical influence at the school and in his community with the youth. This made the University choose to turn a blind eye and did nothing to further their investigation prior to Sandusky arrest. The humanistic system is based on the extremes of human behavior. Sandusky and some of his fellow employees’ behavior displayed extreme bad behaviors disregarding the law, work policy, and social status. Tim Curly, Gary Schultz, Joe Paterno, Graham Spanier (University president), Mike McQueary, Jim Calhoun(janitor), Ray Gricar(county district attorney) and Wendell Courtney(former general counsel) are the key individuals who first knew of Jerry Sandusky unethical behavior with the underage boys that…show more content…
Curley and Schultz did not report the incident to any outside authorities. They simply banned Sandusky from taking children to the football building. They also took Sandusky’s keys to the locker room and reported the incident to Second Mile. Graham Spanier the school’s president approved these actions. However, the Second Mile stated that they never knew anything about the incident, although this may not be accurate. Curley and Schultz were charged with failing to tell the police, and falsely telling the grand jury that they were never informed them about the incident. McQueary was a graduate assistant at the time and he displayed more good ethics than the organizational leadership of the school. By Curley and Schultz covering up the incident the abuse could continue because no one ever knew of Sandusky’s extreme unethical behaviors. However, McQueary attempted to do what was right by informing his superiors; but that was not enough to stop the abuse. Hopefully this is a lesson learned for Sandusky, Schultz, Curly, Spanier, Pennsylvania State University, and the public to use better

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