Charles Manson's Execution Essay: The Manson Murders

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Charles Manson is what pops up into my mind when I think of leadership and legacy. Now some may call me crazy for thinking of him as a great leader, but every man is entitled to his own opinion. Manson was an American cult leader who is responsible for the Tate and LaBianca murders in 1969. In this paper I will go into further detail on why I made the decision of picking Charles Manson. Picking Charles Manson as the topic of my project was fairly simple. I had watched a documentary about the "Manson Murders" on the ID Channel about a week before the history fair was introduced to the class; and after being told the topic, I had absolutely no hesitation whatsoever about choosing no other than Charles Manson. I then watched multiple documentaries on YouTube to get a better understanding in why Charles did what he did and what exactly was the motive behind the whole scenario. Subsequent to watching the videos and reading articles, I have…show more content…
The sadistic murders of director, Roman Polanski and his wife, actress Sharon Tate took place on that day. The following day Manson instigated another killing spree, this time at the home of wealthy couple Leno LaBianca and his wife, Rosemary. He directed his ‘disciples’ to the location and ordered them to kill everyone Manson convinced his Family members to commit the crimes for him. Therefore, Manson only constructed the murders, never actually taking part in any of the murders. Throughout the duration of just two days, seven innocent people lost their lives. In my conclusion, Charles Manson was a superior leader and has a groundbreaking legacy that will go on throughout time. The fact that one man was able to basically control peoples mind and create so much mayhem is inexplicable. His leadership skills just skyrocket through the roof. Manson’s charm, witty ways, persuasive words, got him all that he wanted, which was to be in control and take charge. And that he did

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