Richard Kuklinski's Assassination Killer

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The Ice Man also known as Richard Leonard Kuklinski is most likely the most important and memorable contract killer from the American mobster. Richard was born in an environment where at that wasn’t the best. He was born in Jersey City, New Jersey where to him it didn’t seem like it at all. Kuklinski had to deal with some harsh stuff just for a kid. To make it worse his parents weren’t always the best. His parents were very abusive as a verbally and physically. As the mobster killer began to get older his temper and the way he seen things were changing for the worst. His anger began to arise at the age of thirteen exceeding to his first murder. Kuklinski went from a child who knew no better to killing people because of his temper that made it to a contract killer. When the contract killer dies, they decided to actually count how many people he had murder which came out to the total of over 200 people. After his death had happened many psychologists and criminologist were wondering what made him killed over 200 people. There have been many hypotheses on why he decided to kill those many innocent people. No one has come up with a right answer to say exactly what was going through his head and why he chose to do what he did. Though in my eyes I think he did his criminal act because…show more content…
Though with the theory it does not prove on why he had gained traits from his father he could have instead learned these train from another person in his life at that time. Edwin Sutherland’s theory is much different than the social learning theory. Edwin believes that his interactions with others could have learned certain techniques and some values for some criminal behavior. Sutherland’s theory focuses on how people learn to become criminals instead why they are criminals. To this theorist he believes that Kulklinski have learned illegal actions when he was in mob

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