Groundbreaking Thinkers Essay

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Groundbreaking Thinkers like you are charming, enthusiastic persons. You really bubble over with energy and like to take centre stage. You love variety both professionally and privately. You tackle changes consistently with your optimism and firm belief in your own abilities; you are always on the look-out for improvement possibilities. Your excellent communication skills are of great advantage to you. You approach the world with curiosity and openness and master new situations with a great deal of talent for improvising and with resourcefulness. Your spare time is taken up with a large number of hobbies; most Groundbreaking Thinkers like to travel in order to gather as many different impressions as possible. Your personality type is unbeatable at discovering new possibilities. In their work, Groundbreaking Thinkers highly rate challenges and diversified tasks. You cannot stand routine and too detailed work. You love to astound others with bold ideas for an original, new project and then leave it up to the others to implement them. Hierarchies, rules and regulations arouse your opposition and you love outsmarting the system. It is vital to you that you enjoy your work; if this is the case, you quickly become a pure workaholic. Your creativity best takes effect when you work independently; but you are very good at motivating others and infecting them with your optimistic nature. Conceptual or advisory activities appeal especially to Groundbreaking Thinkers. It can happen that some people feel somewhat duped by your flexible, spontaneous nature. As a Groundbreaking Thinker, you are one of the extroverted personality types. Dealing with others, communication, discussions, and a little action are your life’s blood - and some of your strengths. You are very articulate and love variety personally as well professionally. New tasks, new projects, new people, fascinate

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