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September 4, 2013 A Loss of Interest Charles Krauthammer expresses his disappointment for American’s loos of interest in moon exploration in his Washington Post article, “The Moon We Left Behind”. This essay is very informative, and fairly persuasive; Krauthammer keeps it entertaining by adding his own opinions and insights. Krauthammer’s main idea is how America has essentially abandoned the Earth’s largest satellite since our original obsession with it, brought on by President Kennedy. If we ever hope to discover any new information about the moon, or our solar system, we will have to send someone into space once again. Krauthammer sets an informative and persuasive tone by his use of numbers and dates. He also has quotes from John…show more content…
When we landed on the moon it created a rehabilitated sense of patriotism in Americans, and that is what Krauthammer is striving for. That feeling of “wonder” and “glory” that we Americans have left behind in the last few decades. He is pushing us to realize we should not be content with mediocrity and we should strive as a country to learn everything we can about any subject possible, and open grand new possibilities for ourselves. Some of these possibilities may be a space station on the moon. It may be impractical , but most everyone loves seeing new exotic views, and nothing can be more bizarre than taking an outside look at your home planet. Krauthammer makes it clear he would like to see us back in space soon, let alone return to the moon. He is reaching out to politicians, space explorers, and the occasional average American telling them about our sudden loss of interest in exploration. With our innovations in travel, he believes there is no reason not to return to the moon and once again bask in the “glory” of sending more Americans to the moon. Krauthammer uses an informative tone along with a concerned diction to prove his point about space exploration. He wants his point to be read and received by educated Americans who show an interest in politics. Mostly, he wants his readers to strive to find the “glory” we once

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