Evolution Of The Space Race

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From 1940 to the early 1990s, the United States and the Soviet Union fiercely competed to prove that they were the superior nation. The two rivals tried to out-do each other in terms of technology, military, and economy in a period known as the cold war, a war between capitalism and communism. The war was never engaged directly, due to the fact that both sides had enormous amount of nuclear weapons. After 50 years, the cold war came to a close in the 1990s with the Soviet Union’s downfall. This resulted in the U.S being the only superpower in the world. Many believed that the start of the cold war was shortly after the period following World War II, when Soviet Union became a communist country rising from the Russian revolution.…show more content…
This began the history of the Space Race. In order to prove that they are Superior to Soviet Union, the United States worked to gain technology supremacy. To do so, the congress passed the National Defense Education Act, which heavily funded children who were seeking a higher education. However, Soviet Union kept launching successful space missions such as the Sputnik 2 mission and the launchings of the first man in space. The United States tried to out-do Soviet Union’s space missions by landing the very first man on the moon. As a result, NASA came up with the infamous Apollo 1 mission. Many Americans favored the mission, but there were ones who politically disagree with it. The Apollo mission was launched in 1969, carrying 2 man including Neil Armstrong onto the moon. This successful mission led Americans to believe that they won the unofficial race, but the Soviets differ by claiming that launching the first man to space makes them the victors. The space race forced the two countries to push each other to improve in terms of…show more content…
Kennedy was elected as the new president in 1961. He was quickly introduced to a problem that threatened Americans. Cuban exiles planned to invade Cuba. They wanted to oust the communist government of Fidel Castro. These exiles had been trained by America’s Central Intelligence Agency. However, due to the poor planning of The United States, the invasion was a failure. The United States did not send military planes to protect them during the invasion, and as a result, almost all the exiles were killed or taken prisoner. Meanwhile in Europe, tens of thousands of East Germans had fled to the west. This prompted the East Germany to stop them. It built a wall separating the eastern and western parts of the city of Berlin. Many were tempted to climb over, however guards were on patrol, and were instructed to shoot any who began climbing. They were of course, rescued by the Marshall

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