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“The Moon We Left Behind” Title: I think this title could possibly mean that we left something special about the moon behind. Author: Charles Krauthammer is an editor to the time magazine, Krauthammer writes weekly columns for time magazine. Krauthammer is also a psychiatrist, journalist, political scientist, speech writer and has also been awarded for what he does. Purpose: I think the purpose of this piece is expressive writing because he talks about his expressions. The author does not believe what was promised and also about how we should look at the moon. The author expresses his feelings about this topic. It can also be expository because the author is also informing us. He talks about his thoughts on the events and his ideas. Audience: I think the audience could…show more content…
The author says that we should look at the moon as a “nighty rebuke” not as a mystery. The moon should remind us about something that our country did and we should wonder why we haven’t gone back. E. Krauthammer says we betrayed the achievements of the space program by just forgetting about this achievement like it meant nothing. Summary: In “The Moon We Left Behind”, Charles Krauthammer writes about his expressions about us achieving going to the moon and never going back and forgetting about this great achievement. He finds it astonishing that we postponed going back. We still retreat from space even though it is possible. Krauthammer discusses that we’ll never fix the problems on earth so we shouldn’t wait. The author says we need to visit the moon for its explorations but instead we turned a “magnificent bird” into a truck for hauling goods. Krauthammer says the moon shouldn’t be a mystery to us but a nightly rebuke. Evaluation: The author did state the purpose, the main idea is explained throughout the text. He did explain supply enough details about his thoughts. This piece was convincing to me with the evidence he talks about. Terms and

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