How The Cold War Began Essay

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How the Cold War Began The Cold War began because the Soviet Union wanted to spread communism, the United States was worried about nuclear warfare, and the space race had put the Soviets and the United States under pressure. First, the United States had to keep the spread of communism to a minimum. The iron curtain was used to divide communist countries from non-communist countries (notes pg 7). This was issued by Prime Minister Winston Churchill who wanted the United States, Britain, and France to form an alliance to stop the Soviet aggression. The Marshall Plan was established to aid European countries after WWII. It helped the United States gain allies and also contributed to the containment of communism (notes pg 6). President Harry Truman created the Truman Doctrine which also pledged…show more content…
Unfortunately, the Soviets were the first to launch a satellite in to space on October 4, 1957 which caused fear to erupt in the United States (notes pg 12). Eisenhower then started NASA and challenged them to send the first man into space (notes pg 12). The United States failed to send the first man into space and Kennedy challenged America to send the first man to the moon (notes pg 12). Success! On July 16, 1969, Apollo 11 had been launched in to space. On it was Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin, and Michael Collins. The United States had successfully landed the first men on the moon and brought them back home safely. In conclusion, the Cold War began because the United States was working hard to contain the spread of communism, the United States was worried about Soviet missiles, and the United States was in a race against the Soviet Union to send the first man to the man. Not only did the Cold War push the United States to discover new technological advances, but it also taught the United States how to react when a missile is dangerously close to the
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