Character Traits of a Proven Leader

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What character traits must an individual possess that would cause him to be followed by millions of people even two thousand years after his death? I believe that an accomplishment such as this requires more than just human character traits. I believe this feat requires the character traits of God himself. We hear from many that a leader must, above all, possess the character trait of wisdom. I suppose the reason for this is that no one would willingly follow a fool because doing so would probably cause undesireable consequences. I believe, however, that something more than just human wisdom must be shown in order to succour to yourself thousands of years of lasting loyalty. Godly wisdom is that something. Godly wisdom is all knowing, no mistakes, no misunderstandings. Godly wisdom can only be held by God himself, but we can strive to educate ourselves as much as possible, thus reducing mistakes, misunderstandings, etc. that cause our followers grief. Another character trait of a great leader is complete honesty. Nothing hidden because there is no reason to hide anything. Complete openess is needed. How can we follow someone when we are not sure who they are and what they stand for. So many of our leaders today fail in this area. Because of our human nature, all of us have secrets. We've all done things that we would rather others not know about. Jesus, however, said that he had done nothing in secret. He didn't have to. He had nothing to hide. Wisdom and honesty are character traits that we would do well to demand in our leaders. We should also strive to acquire these attributes for ourselves. However, more is required from a leader who expects to cause generations of lasting loyalty, sometimes loyalty at the expense of life itself. I believe this something more is love. Greater love has no man than that he would lay down his life for his
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