Natural Law Has No Serious Weaknesses

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‘Natural Law has no serious weaknesses.’ Discuss. The natural law theory is approach from an absolutist point of view which expresses that morality is set from birth. What is right and wrong, good or evil can be perceived almost instantly by everyone because morality is universal it is not a relativist thing that can change with situation. Also, natural law does not adjust to public opinion; it is an invisible measure which never changes. It can be seen as a good approach to morality as it does not allow people from different denominations such as cultures or where you are born or in different situation they may find themselves to build their own moral rules and framework to life, it is personal but is guided by these innate rules. Religious people also share natural law ideas as they argue that there is an eternal unchanging part of morality which remains unchanged regardless of personal opinions and preferences. They believe that God created them with a purpose and that all the rules guiding them from natural law help them to fulfil this purpose. Christianity has a great deal of support for the view that there is a natural law of morality. The Christian understanding of this concept is based largely upon the work of Thomas Aquinas as he explained that faith and reason are closely related. Natural law appears to be the rational approach to morality as its basic principles such as: education of the young, protection of the innocent, to procreate, etc are a basic common feature of many societies in today’s era and many people will see it as us simply fulfilling our nature. This is a major strength to the idea of natural law as it is applicable to all. With it being the rational approach it is seen as the logical approach showing that a logical approach is one of an objective idea so therefore is eternal and unchanging. It allows the basic natural instincts of a

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