Existentialism Vs Christian Worldview

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In the end of the 1900’s through the present day, there has been a battle between the idea of zeitgeist, existentialism, and the Christian Worldview. In order to understand why these three words are important in your daily life, one must first understand what these words are defined as. The definition of “zeitgeist”, according to dictionary.com is “the spirit, attitude, or general outlook of a specific time or period…” This is important to know because most people just go with whatever they feel is ok and never think about what the after effects are. An example of zeitgeist in life is back in the 1970’s through present day where most people smoke and do drugs because it is “okay” to do, but drugs destroy the body from the inside out and kill people almost every day just from overdoses alone. Existentialism is defined by dictionary.com as “a philosophical…show more content…
The difference between the three views of life is that two of them believe that it is okay to go with whatever society says is okay to do, but the Christian worldview believes that the Bible and the law are the only things to follow. The Christian worldview tries to be with the world but not take part of what the world says is right to do. The battle between these three words will almost continue on until the end of time. A Christian worldview follows the rules and guidelines of the Bible on a day to day basis and knows that what the world does is completely wrong. A Christian follows the Bible and Jesus Christ no matter where it takes him. A Christian worldview is much different from zeitgeist and existentialism, and should always be separated from the two no matter how hard it could possibly be. You should always have a Christian worldview because it will allow you to have an easier life; you won’t get in trouble with the law, and will usually leave you healthier than

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