A Good God Would Not Make so Many Rules.

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A Good God would not make so many rules. Discuss. I believe that a God which makes many rules is a good God, in the same way a parent that makes many rules is a good parent. Throughout the old and new testaments of the bible there are many examples of God’s goodness. For example, Exodus 20 – The Ten commandments, these are ten rules sent from God to humans, they are moral standards and when obeyed help human’s to live a morally good life. This shows that the reason God makes rules isn’t just because he has power but that he wants his creation to also be good. God gave all human’s free will but these rules limit what humans can do without disobeying God. So maybe these rules were created to stop us from using our free will. Against this statement is that God did not create so many rules to stop us using our free will but to influence and set standards to use our free will for the morally good. A good God would not make so many rules and regulations, for if he had created a world as perfect as it has said to be, and then there would be no need for rules and regulations, unless the world was created imperfectly. If this were the case, then there would be a need for rules and regulations and a bridge for God to interact with the world and his creations. For the world was created imperfectly this allows God to justify what is right and wrong by setting down rules in the world. A good god would not punish his people God gives us rules and regulations as an act of love and concern for humanity as he wants to guide us to live our lives in a good way. In the same way a concerned parent sets down rules for their child and punishes them if they disobey them, God also punishes his creations if they disobey his rules so they learn from their mistakes and never do it again yet he rewards those so they know when do to right. In conclusion I believe that a God that would
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