Cctv Breach In Iraq

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As an operational security manager of a front line gas and oil establishment in central Iraq, I will answer this question based on testing experiences. For an intruder to gain access to a secure/sensitive site there has either been a catastrophic failure in the security access control system, dishonesty amongst the guard force or a breach/vulnerable area somewhere on the site. To establish the facts of the breach, we must firstly identify the intruder him/herself. Are they a former employee? Are they related to anybody who works on the site? Do they have a forged or stolen access code/id card? Were they subversively given an access code/card? What was their intention, theft or damage? Are they an individual opportunist or are they part of an…show more content…
CCTV or access code could be the reason. As soon as the breach is discovered, and the intruder is apprehended/identified checks should be made to verify the condition of the equipment. CCTV monitors will checked by using the “eyes on” method. Placing a guard near each camera Instructions will be given for certain activities, i.e. jump, walk run to be performed. This, although a simple check will establish the system as operational. Secondly, check the play back option on the CCTV system. Did it record the breach while the guard left his post for a comfort break? Did the guard intentionally not raise an alarm? if so disciplinary measures will immediately come into effect. Once the CCTV system is proven to be working, the next check will be the access control code/ swipe card system is not faulty. Using the current code / card, the system will be physically tested. To ensure there is no fault, an incorrect code/card will be used to ascertain if the software is actually doing its Job. All findings will be recorded for reference in any future investigations, or the follow up to this one should higher authorities become involved. Simply put, “why” the intruder was able to gain access to the site, during these checks, you must also try and ascertain “when” the intruder gained

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