Unit 13 - Troubleshoot & Repair

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Unit 13 I.T. Systems Troubleshooting and Repair Coursework Submission Task one MID WALES STEEL Organisational policies Security: security is a must for a large organisation, and the computers and other technical equipment that have information about the business stored onto that computer. Anti Virus Software: you would have to have anti-virus software on there to be safe. The last thing that you want is someone hacking into the devices and stealing information about your company and knowing your personal information, so having security on those devices is always a must. Individual login Ids and Passwords: every employee should have their own individual login Ids and passwords, to prevent other employees going on other employees work, and looking at their personal information. You also have to comply with the data protection act, crime and security act, and computer misuse act. Computer monitoring software: you may want to use computer monitoring software to monitor what your employees are going on, and to keep them on task. Just in case they get a virus on the devices and cause the systems to be breached and be down. Also you can find out what caused the problem. This may also go down in the computer misuse act. Considerations of costs: troubleshooting and repairing a business system can cost a lot of money, and you have to consider the time it is going to take as well, and one problem may lead to another, which will mean more labour, and a bigger cost. Systems downtime: you also have to consider the amount of time the systems are going to be down for, which would impact the individual users productivity, and it would slow down work, and not be able to do work on the systems. Disruption: troubleshooting and repairing a organisations computer systems could have a disruption to work on the computer systems, and can have a knock on

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