Sony Reels from Multiple Hacker Attacks

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1. Do some research on the Sony PSN debacle. What are the new cost estimates for the incident? How many customers have left Sony because of the incident? Have there been any reports of fraudulent use of identities obtained from the hack? Has Sony’s PlayStation Network been hacked again? • It was estimated that the cost of the incident was about $171 million and the company was fined $395,000. Due to the incident, almost 9% of their customers have left Sony and change to other game services provider such as the Xbox. However, no particular news showing that there been any reports of fraudulent use of identities obtained from the hack but Sony had been hack again in year 2012 October (Halliday, 2013). 2. Gaming and virtual services on the Internet, like Sony’s PSN, World of War Craft, and Second Life, boast millions of users. For each user, the service must store credit card information and personally identifiable information. What must these organizations do to protect the private information of their customers? Is it even reasonable to assume that any organization can have protection measures in place to stop the world’s best hackers? • Organizations can encrypt private information, use stronger firewalls or layer the firewalls, and they can employ individuals that know how to handle hacking situations. Although, it is very important to insure that you provide protection, I believe that even the best-laid plans won’t stop the best hackers. 3. If an extremely intelligent hacker is caught by a law enforcement agency, should that hacker be prosecuted and sent to jail? Is there perhaps a way that hacker might be “turned” for the good of the digital world? What would that be? • It is depends on what kind of fraud had been done by the hacker. If the hacker has stole the identity and created a big problem to society, they can be sentenced and sent to jail. On the

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