Cats to Men as Dog to Woman

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Felines to Men as Hound to Woman Most people had this stereotype instilled into their heads since they were little. Everyone always thinks that woman are like cats, and men are dogs. Yet I struggle to come up with one way that a woman is like a cat and a man is like a dog. In fact, I can list at least five reasons that cats and men are similar and dogs and woman are similar. Unlike men, woman and dogs both share the same trait of hygiene and grooming. Woman and dogs also are always in someone’s business, unlike men and cats they tend to keep to themselves. Woman and dogs will clean up for you while cats and men will leave a mess and walk away. Although I’m sure there’s millions of other reasons, these are the ones that stick out like a sore thumb. Woman spend hundreds of dollars each year on their hair, make up, getting their nails done, and buying cute outfits. Men, wear the same three outfits for ten years before they buy any new ones, they cut their own hair, and they shower only when it’s necessary. Dogs, just as woman require hundreds of dollars’ worth of grooming, you have to get their nails clipped, shampoo and condition them, get their hair cut, brush them weekly, and buy outfits for dogs. Cats, just as men, have their own self grooming system, the clean themselves, don’t require haircuts, and never need to go to a vet to get their nails clipped. Woman and dogs require lots of hygiene and grooming, and have 2 to keep up on their looks. While cats and men don’t require much hygiene, and can pretty much groom themselves. When a man gets home from a long day at work, the woman always greets him at the door, asking him how his day went, what he did, how he’s feeling, what he wants for dinner and more. While if a woman walks home from an exhausting day at work, men will just keep watching television and maybe say hi when a commercial comes on. Dogs

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