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April, 24 2009 Today, I’m starting a Journal on this paper I found in the trash. I live with Cat Neely in Ireland. We grow lots of potatoes. The cats call me merda witch is dog in Irish. Irelandused to be so peaceful. That was before the English took over now timesare harder. I am a black irish dog I like to help the cats by catching small animals, like rabbits or rats. I get less and less food every day because the cats are having trouble paying the rent so they sell food. I hope every things going to be okay. PIC OF PATOTO FIELD--------- Dog footprint Date April000000 I am soall tied up with rope on a tree. I might be able to get out if I tried but where would I go. Noone would take me in. I’d be another mouth to feed and I don’t want to be a hassle. I havn’t written in a while. It gets harder to find paper every day. The Cat Neelys are getting kicked out. I heard Lord Cunningham say that thier going to Austraila. I have to hide this journal I see a girl coming she might help me get loose. PIc of rope-------------------- Date April0000000…show more content…
I am loose from my spot. Nory had gooten a coin to help the neelys but they were already gone. Than when she started running I felt the urge to chase after her. So I did and I got loose. I followed her to the well. I think she thought I was Lord Cunningham. The good thing is that she let me come with her! She called me Meave…..I like it, the name sounds good. She is really nice. However, when I walked in the house with her I knew it wouldn’t work. Everyone just doesn’t have enough food. Nory didn’t care about eating she would share her food. Even when we went fishing we would sharee

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