Of Mice And Men Diary Analysis

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Written task: Of Mice and Men Friday the 4th of June 10.00 pm Dear diary, I made George upset, an’ I had to give my mouse to him. Today George an’ I walked towards the barn but it was too far an’ we had to make a stop. We stopped at a nice pool at the bottom of the mountains. Then he found out about the mouse that I had in my pocket, an’ he wanted me to hand it over. But it was jus’ a dead mouse an’ I was on’y pettin’ it. Then suddenly I made George upset ‘cause I said I liked them beans with ketchup an’ that I would like rabbits ‘cause they ain’t that small. He told me that I’m way too irresponsible for any kind of animal an’ he told me how happy he would be without me. He also told that I ain’t gonna say nothing tomorrow. An’ that I need to hide in the bush if I get in trouble. He told to remember that by hard. I forget a lot, but I ain’t gonna forget that. Before he went to sleep he told me about our dream again, about how we’re going to get a nice house an’ some rabbits. Regards, Lennie Saturday the 5th of June 1.00 am Dear diary, This morning I met a lot of new guys, but I…show more content…
I jus’ went in but he wasn’t very nice, he said that we couldn’t make our dream come true and he was sayin’ bad things ‘bout George, that he’s not comin’ back no more. I became mad, an’ I told him to shut up. Then Candy came in as well, and him and I told Crooks about the house we’re gonna buy an’ ‘bout the rabbits. I like to hear about our dream, but Crooks was very negative, but I think he’s jus’ jealous. After a while Curley’s wife came in, Crooks told her to leave, but she said she was very lonely, I pity her a little
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