Lennie In 'Of Mice And Men'

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Lennie Small Lennie’s character * Often childlike * Relies on George * Is too naïve and innocent to fit in with the harshness of ranch life * He never learns from experience * He is animal like * Has a bear-like tendency to hold onto his prey and inflict damage unintentionally * His constant “petting” reveals a deep-rooted emotional need for affection and love * Although many say Lennie is amoral, he is shown to have some moral understanding Possible Essay Questions and their plans For any question I would always advise to do THREE amazing paragraphs, than four average ones. But don’t make the mistake of verbally spewing all over your work! Most people will be amazingly confident at one paragraph knowing…show more content…
Okay, these are exactly the same as “how far” questions. You need to say that we do feel sorry for Lennie, but also we don’t. Here is what I would do:- Paragraph one – He doesn’t understand, he is completely naïve and dependent * “I di’n’t mean no harm, George” * “let ‘im have what, George?” * “It’s mean here” * “I can just as well go away” Paragraph two – He loses everything, his dream, the mice and the pup * “He pulled the trigger” * “he ain’t gonna let me tend the rabbits” * “you’ve broke it pettin’ it” * “An’ then he was dead” Paragraph three – He is consistently picked on by other men, including
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