Catalase Essay

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Catalase Lab Report Introduction Enzymes are proteins that speed up the rate of reactions that would otherwise happen more slowly. Enzymes work by fitting into certain substrates to lower the energy needed for the process to work. This is similar to the lock and key. The key being the substrate and the lock being the enzyme. If the substrate (key) doesn’t fit it won’t work with the enzyme (lock). This is important because without enzyme the processes would be to slow and poisonous chemicals would build up. The factors that affects if an enzyme would work correctly or not is if there is a suitable pH level and temperature. An example of an enzyme is Catalase. It is the one that we used in our experiment. Catalase will only work with Hydrogen Peroxide. It speeds up the breakdown of this toxic chemical into water and oxygen (2H202 (l) --->2H2O2 (l) +O2 (g)). Catalase is important because it breaks down Hydrogen Peroxide. Hydrogen Peroxide at high concentrations can be lethal. Catalase is there to help with the processes of breaking it down to assure that this doesn’t happen. The purpose of this lab was to help us understand what happens when an enzyme works with a substrate to make the reaction faster. It was to help show us what the effects of pH and temperature on the enzyme’s reaction. My hypothesis for the experiment was that the optimum temperature for catalase to function is 98.6o F because this is the optimum temperature for the human body. The optimum pH level for the catalase function is 7 because the human’s optimum pH is 7. Materials and Methods Forceps Test Tubes Raw Liver Hydrogen Peroxide Test Tube Rack Gloves Goggles Pipette Waste Beaker Beakers Hot Plate Ice Bath Thermometer The procedure that we used to do the normal catalase activity was that we first transferred 2 ml of hydrogen peroxide solution into a clean test tube. Next we took
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