Suppose A Drug Had The Same Size And Fit Into An Enzyme's Active Site

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SHORT ANSWER (Enter your answer in between each question (2-8 lines should suffice—depending on the question) 1. Suppose a drug had the same size and shape as a substrate and fit into an enzyme’s active site. Explain how the drug could affect the enzymatic reaction rate. What is the term for this type of substance or reaction? (2 marks) A drug of same size and shape, as that of a substrate, which fits into the active site of an enzyme will act as a competitive inhibitor and the reaction is termed as competitive inhibition. The drug will compete with the substrate molecule for the active site of an enzyme, thus, it will decrease the rate of substrate-enzyme reaction by binding to the active site of enzyme. The rate of competitive inhibition reaction is directly proportional to the concentration of inhibitor present. 2. Glucose travels in the plasma or liquid part of your blood but cholesterol (triglycerides) travel bound to protein carriers in the blood. Based on their respective chemical properties, explain the reason for this difference. (2 marks) Cholesterol is an amphipathic molecule, since it has polar and non – polar regions. Even though the cholesterol has polar group (OH) it dissolves fats than in aqueous…show more content…
Cyanide is a poison that very specifically blocks the transport of electrons in the electron transport chain. Based on the purpose of this part of cellular respiration, why would you hypothesize that cyanide is so deadly? (1 mark) Cyanide binds to the cytochrome c oxidase enzyme inhibiting the transfer of electrons from fourth complex to the oxygen molecule; cyanide is so deadly because it prevents the oxidative phosphorylation. The tissues (primarily brain and heart) that produce ATP aerobically can no longer use oxygen for the energy production, therefore, they start producing energy anaerobically which affects the functioning of tissues and after sometime the tissues can no longer produce energy which ultimately leads to

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