Case Study: Student with Special Needs

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Case Study: Student With Special Needs A school has the responsibility to make sure that all children, including those receiving special education services receive a free, appropriate education. It is important for an administrator to be aware and understand the legal provisions that are included in disciplining special education students. They must realize that a special education student can be suspended and/or expelled for violating the school’s disciplinary code of conduct, just like all students. But under IDEA there are procedures that an administrator must consider when suspending a student with disabilities. The discussion in this paper will be about the disciplining of a special education student and if the student was appropriately suspended according to the special education laws. The special education student has a background of many office referrals due to his inappropriate behaviors. It all started two years ago, with the redrawing of the attendance area boundaries. The redrawing caused the student to enter the school in third grade, after being established in his other school. He attended the other school in the district for grades Kindergarten through Second. The student was able to develop relationships with teachers, social worker, and students at his other school. He received his diagnosis of Emotional Disturbance in Kindergarten. The student’s behavior started to escalate with each passing day. The student had to get to know all new teachers, social worker, and students. The student was placed in a regular education Third Grade classroom with special education services provided to him in and out of the classroom. He continuously disturbed the classroom and the learning of others. He would throw books, chairs, slam the desktop, yell at students, make noises, and refuse to complete his work. All he wanted to do was draw. His

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