Case Study of an Ell Student

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Final Project: Case Study Analysis of an ELL Learner Monica Thomas University of St. Thomas Introduction Marco moved from Mexico with his parents and abuela, loves futbol, loves music and speaks fluent Spanish. Marco has had little education in the English language and only knows rudimentary English words and commands. It is immediately clear that Marco is a bright student and has a great understanding of math, and when the textbook and instructions are translated, has a wonderful understanding of science. He does not know much about American history and he struggles at reading and writing the English language. It is also clear that he has an easier time with the language when he speaks out loud. This very same story is very true for many children in United States classrooms whether US born or immigrants. The English language learner (ELL) student population continues to grow more rapidly than the student population as a whole. According to the National Center for Educational Statistics the general population has grown 9% from 1993 to 2003, while the ELL population has grown 65% in that same time. The ELL student population now comprises 10% of all students. The goal for ELL learners is to work towards mastery of the language while using their language to help attain mastery of the content at the same time. This is not easy for the student or the teacher, but it is very possible. ELL students face a challenging task. This case study is about a twelve year old, Hispanic student who was a former, third grade student of the researcher. Sara (named has been changed for privacy) will be entering the 6th grade at a science and arts charter school. Despite the challenges faced, Sara has developed in her proficiency of the English language while attending an English only instructional program. However, based on interaction with Sara and assessments, she

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