Senior Exit Project

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The Senior Exit Project Toward the end of junior year and for the better part of senior year, students in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System are working on their Senior Exit Projects, or SEP’s. The Senior Exit Project is a major requirement in order to receive a North Carolina high school diploma. It serves as a performance based assessment in which students demonstrate what they know and is able to do so as a result of their cumulative education. The SEP consists of an 8-10 page argumentative research paper, a product that is an extension of your research, and a speech/presentation about the product you chose. This assignment is a major determining factor in whether a not a student graduates on time. There are many reasons as to why this project should be done away with, a few being: the project is just not feasible, it’s given too much weight, and because it is an inaccurate measurement of what has been learned. Imagine being a senior in high school, and all you can think about is walking across that stage in June. Graduation and prom are the only two things that seniors want to worry about during the last stretch of high school, but instead students are worried about their Senior Exit Project. This task consumes half of junior year and most of senior year too. This assignment is supposed to represent what you have throughout your high school career. According to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Senior Exit Handbook, “The goal of the Senior Exit Project is to validate that CMS students have acquired the skills, knowledge, and concepts necessary to perform well when they leave high school.” This one project alone is not sufficient enough to determine whether or not students are competent enough to leave high school. All students that leave high school are not going to college; the skills displayed in a high scoring Senior Exit Project are those of a college bound
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