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Peer Tutor Term 2 Assignment Case Study #1 Dealing with young children are always an obstacle, but finding the correct path to deal with the solution, brings out a more positive student in a high school environment. Amy is a grade 8 girl in high school; she has just finished graduating from elementary school and is unaware of the expectation and the new environment. From a teacher’s perspective, the strategies work best with this particular student is to directly confront her of the issue, find a teaching method to suit the student and to make her realize the importance of high school. The moment I notice if a student is disruptive in class is to find the source of the problem whether it be chatting with the people beside her or playing with their phone. After class have ended, I would ask her to stay behind to have a private chat with me. I would try not to intimidate her and speak in a calming voice, to ensure that she’s not in trouble and the situation will end positively. If she realizes that I’m disappointed with her attitude and she’s causing harm to the learning environment of other students, possibly she will smarten up and correct her actions. If by next class, she still hasn’t understood my message, I will be forced to give her an extra assignment for homework every time she disrupts class. If everything fails, my only option left is make her sit in front of my desk. The other option I have available is to change my teaching methods to suit this particular student. I know that she is very outgoing and talkative; I can use this to my advantage by having more class discussions and by assigning more presentations for homework. In doing so, Amy will be more comfortable doing her homework and feel more involved in the class environment. This also solves her problem of forgetting everything I covered during the previous lessons. If she does her

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