Case Study: Mcbride Financial Services

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Corey Starnes BSA/310 McBride Financial Services 3/15/2014 McBride Financial Services is a company that says it is “Your One-Stop Mortgage Provider”. Their mission is simple they want to be the preeminent provider of low cost mortgage services in the five state area of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota. They plan to achieve this mission using state of the art technology in the five states. They have a business philosophy that says their customers are to receive the most efficient and effective processing of mortgage applications from inception to closing. McBride serves professionals that are purchasing either a primary or a second residence, retirees that are purchasing a primary or second residence, and families…show more content…
I will have the customer base in mind when setting up a marketing plan. When I am learning about the customers I will use an effective way to do it, visualizing that they actually look like. Are they young or old? How do they dress? Are they single or married? Where do they work? What do they do? By doing this I will be able to think like they think and by thinking like they think I will be able to know what media they should use to better sell their services. I will try and imagine what their priorities may be in relation to McBride’s…show more content…
The first few pages of search results are key to attracting potential customers. McBride needs to configure its website so that it promotes its positioning in a search engine’s search results near the top. Because the criteria that the search engines use may change over a given time frame this must be a task performed a lot. Another consideration that McBride needs to look at is price. Some more considerations are why market online, how to market online, and how to track

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