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BUSI 520 Group Marketing Analysis Project INDEX Introduction 1. Fitbit, Inc Background 2. Market Analysis 3. Positioning, Competition and Branding 4. Services and Pricing 5. Promotions and Marketing Conclusions Introduction This project will cover research done on the Fitbit Ultra, a fitness aid device design to help ambulatory people track their wellness and fitness. The report will open with a brief background and history of Fitbit, Inc and introduce the device features. The second section will cover a Market Analysis of the Fitbit Ultra. Research done on the demographic trends and economic trends that currently impact marketability of the Fitbit Ultra will be discussed. Additionally, consumer’s tastes and preferences, along with cultural factors that influence consumer purchasing of the device will also be covered in this report. Aspects of product positioning, to include social factors, personal factors, psychological factors, and other behavior that would influence a consumer to purchase the Fitbit Ultra will help identify more specific marketing strategies. The next section is devoted to research of the competition. This will include a SWOT analysis and a synopsis of the most competitive brands vying for market share with Fitbit Ultra. Analyzing the target markets and their potential for best customer impact is explored as well. The report will explore branding and services regarding the Fitbit Ultra and the website Pricing is a vital component of any market report, so details will be presented with promotional information followed by marketing potential. Concluding information and recommendations will summarize the outcome of this research project on the Fitbit Ultra. Describe the key features or your product/service and its history, such as previous releases/models. Fitbit, Inc

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