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CHAPTER 7 - CASE STUDY ESSAY Alliant Energy Puts Spark into Diversity Questions: 2. Do you believe the company is forcing the issue of diversity? Is it necessary to make diversity training mandatory for all employees? Explain your answer. I consider that creating and maintaining a diverse workforce and supplier base is one of the Alliant Energy’s missions. They believe different culture, gender, race, age, physical and mental abilities, lifestyles, education and background allow the group as a whole to see and create more angles, perspectives, individual’s talents and ideas. However, because of their big diversity in the company, training is a plus. It will help employees to better understand the range of perspectives offered by a diverse workforce and their benefits. Also, it will eliminate any mistrust, communication problem, misunderstanding, conflict resolution, and lower group cohesiveness. Diversity can drive to new ideas, innovation and greater performance, but it is not developed naturally. Strategies are needed to create a diversity environment. Counseling, workshops and training are some strategies used for Alliant Energy that have had a great effect in their company. 3. Independent surveys suggest that companies cannot easily quantify the effects of diversity. How would you suggest that Alliant measure the effects of a diverse workforce? If a company ignored workforce diversity, how might it be affected? I think that independent surveys were a great source of summary for the company to realize there was something missing. Alliant did a great job on creating the diversity awareness training, eight- hours workshop and an internal diversity council. All that helped the employees to address diversity on a larger scale. I would have done the same, but I would have done an independent survey after the training has been completed. That

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