Tanglewood Case 3: Case Study

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Tanglewood Case 3 September 6, 2015 Tanglewood Recruitment While reading the casebook, I think Tanglewood is in the right stages for recruiting, they are doing all steps needed to hire employees. As you will see in my paper, I have shown some ads I feel would draw attention to the company and bring more candidates in. I also think that they need a time frame. When you have open timeframe, potential candidates lose interest and take themselves out of the running for the position. I being in this position seen a lot of this. We would interview and then not hire right away and when we went to hire, these candidates would no longer be interested. Recruitment Guide for Sales Associates Listed below is the recruitment…show more content…
They yield pretty good results looking at the tables. I feel if they feel they are succeeding with referrals they should continue to do so. Even though, Northern Oregon, the use of a staffing agency yields good results, each division should make their own decisions. I think the effects would increase the yields and turnover would decrease, although your costs would increase per person hired. Question 5 – Customer Service Quality I feel that other measures would be to continue to train the employees on customer skills. Develop a program specifically for Tanglewood that would give the employees realistic scenarios they can do to improve their relationship skills with customer. You can also provide meeting where the manager and employees can discuss certain scenarios to better prepare new hires. I think focus groups will continue to help because they stay on top of problems and can keep you on your toes as the retail business changes. Question 6 – Realism in…show more content…
*Must be able to work a flexible schedule that includes nights, weekends, holidays, special events, and in some locations overnight shifts as needed. *Must be able to stand or walk for up to entire shift. *High school diploma or equivalent required. *Other duties as assigned For those who are motivated to work, we offer a competitive wage and benefit plan. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age and able to pass our pre-screening process, which will include drug testing and a criminal background check. EEO I think that if you place everything out and in the open you will have better results with the recruiting. Your best bet is to put what you are looking for and what you expect and then you won’t get unwanted candidates applying. Conclusion Tanglewood’s recruiting process varies from each division to the next. One division might do better in one than the other. Each division should be allowed to make their own decisions on how they want to recruit and advertise for these positions. Each hiring manager should prepare new hires to achieve the customer service skills they desire. Each candidate should know what they are looking at from the moment they see the ad placement. Tanglewood should look more into media outlet and take a little more time with those candidates to produce better results. Each store is different and their needs are different

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