Case Study 3 Computer Backup Plan

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Case Study #3 Computer Backup Plan Technology and You Tyler McGill GED5038 318 March 31, 2009 Importance of a Backup Backing up the data on my home computer is very important. My computer contains many important files that cannot be easily replaced, i.e. Photos, homework projects, programs, records and documents. Even your operating system may need a backup to be able to run your computer at all. Many new computers do not come with backup disks. When I bought my laptop it advised me to create my own backup disks, which I did not. A few months later, windows had an error and the computer had to be formatted. Everything was lost, including the operating system. Since no back up disks came with my computer, I had to take it back to the store and pay them $100 to install a new operating system from HP. This could have been avoided if I had created a backup. According to CompuSolve, 32% of data loss is due to user error, 10% of laptops are stolen annually, and 15% of laptops suffer hardware failure annually. (CompuSolve Pty Ltd, 2009) Personal error, theft, and hardware failure are three major reasons why it is important to create a backup of your computer. Backup Plan Outline Schedule I will backup my regular files weekly, as well as after any large amount of photos are added. I feel a weekly backup will give my files the most amount of protection with the least amount of effort and time spent on my part. A full image backup will be completed every six months of my whole computer. Method A backup will be created manually, every Sunday night. I will have reminders sent to my email from Resnooze to remind me every Sunday to do a backup. (, 2008) Process I will take manual backups using the Back Up Files wizard provided by Windows Vista. This program is easy to use and will backup my

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