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Marc Mallen Sociology- Pop Culture 12/9/2010 Final Project For my final paper I decided to go with the last choice and I am going to compare the show CSI Las Vegas and NCIS Los Angeles. Both of these television shows are featured on CBS and are amongst the leaders in number of views per week on any channel. Crime Scene Investigation or CSI as it is called is a show that is set in Las Vegas and follows the CSI crime unit as they investigate deaths that happen in the greater Las Vegas area. They investigate anything from murder to suicide and even accidents that occur there. There are many shows on television that have police in it but this show is different because none of the main characters are the police instead they are all…show more content…
It is very obvious in this show because they seem to always solve the case the same day as they found about it or a few days pass throughout the episode. In our reality there is no chance any of the cases that have appeared on the show can be solved as quick as they make it seem on TV. The majority of the cases can actually take up to several years until the sentencing. The whole process in the science lab is really slow and would make a really boring show if they showed every single machine running its full course instead of just 2 seconds of the process. Fingerprinting itself takes up two weeks to go through and even after they get put into the system it takes hours to run it through every databases. Yet it seems that every time the show is on miraculously the peoples name come up with 5 seconds of them starting to look for it. Science to be done correctly and right the first time cannot be rushed because rushing can damage evidence and risking the whole investigation. NCIS on the other hand is a lot quicker than the process that goes on in CSI. Many time the people are told about something that is going to happen that day or within a few days causing them to move faster. Also in NCIS they do not do as much science as in CSI making things go a lot quicker. On the show the main character drives an Aston Martin Rapide. Now explain to me what type of government worker can afford to drive an Aston Martin as his work car?…show more content…
What could be better than using all really high tech equipment to find the answers he cant do on our own. Then one day I typed into Google what a real CSI lab looked like and I was stunned. Nowhere close to the technology that is represented in the show and to be honest it just looked like everyone there hated his or her jobs. This totally made me rethink about what I wanted to do for a job when I get older. In NCIS they seem to portray ex members of the armed services in a negative connotation. I recently watched an episode about how a retired navy serviceman was wanted for the killing of his wife. At the end of the show they say he was sick with some bullshit disease that caused him to not remember things when he gets mad. And no matter what happens it always works out okay in the end. In most TV shows they do this for viewing purposes because no one wants to watch the machine run for a long time but by cutting time out they make it seem a lot more interesting to the regular person whose sitting at home watching the show. Both things that the shows do posses if the idea that these can be real police cases throughout the country just over done for the sake of making money for parent company CBS. In TV shows you can simply show an object to show the audience what you are talking about but in texts it is a lot

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