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Future Career Goals My future career goal is to obtain a job in the health care field. I would like to work in a doctor’s office because of the hours that they are open. Most doctors are open from 8am to 5pm, working this shift will allow me enough time to fulfill my motherly duties. I have also considered a hospital but I really don’t like the 12 hour rotating shifts. Once I obtain my bachelor degree I will be able negotiate my pay. Pay is important but not a deal breaker for me because I love working with people. Intrinsic Intrinsic factor is the satisfaction you get out of doing the work itself. Loving what you do at a job will determine how well you complete a task. It is easier to get up and go to work if does not feel like “work”. I think that intrinsic factors are very important, because it will keep you employed for years to come. Intrinsic factors at a job can make all the other issues that exist irrelevant. Extrinsic Extrinsic factors are working for health benefits, pay, or bonuses. Many times we often find ourselves at a job that we don’t like simply because that is what pays the bills. Extrinsic factors are important to consider when looking for a career. Now days everyone seems to be over worked and under paid. If the pay compensation was a rate higher then everyone wouldn’t mind the chaos. I believe money can’t buy you happiness, so if you are at a job were you are not happy eventually it will start to affect your work ethics. Motivation I believe that intrinsic factors are more important than extrinsic factors. In order to have a successful career you must be passionate about what you do. Money will only motivate you for so long then you will begin to want more from your job. If you work at a job that you really don’t like you will not perform at your best. My personality goes great with my profession. I can honestly say that I love to help

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