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Carbohydrates Southeast Community and Technical College Abstract Carbohydrates are a very important compound. Carbohydrates are classified in different types. The different types of Carbohydrates have different structures and although they are similar they have many differences also. Carbohydrates are needed in the body. Without carbohydrates your body is not getting the right nutritional needs. There are good type’s carbohydrates. There are bad types of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are not only just biologically related to the body but there is also a lot of chemistry involved. Chemistry is everywhere and a part of life. What are carbohydrates? What are the types of carbohydrates? The different categories of carbohydrates what different types are they made of? What kind of elements is involved with carbohydrates? What are considered good carbohydrates? What are considered bad carbohydrates? What problems can occur if you don’t eat carbohydrates? Why are carbohydrates important? Carbohydrates are a part of foods, and give you the energy you need. Cutting out carbohydrates completely is not a god idea, and it is important to get the right amount of good carbohydrates. Keywords: carbohydrates, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nutrition, monosaccharides, structures, elements, polysaccharides, disaccharides, diet, foods Carbohydrates Chemistry is everywhere; it is a part of life. In chemistry there are many different types of molecules, elements, structures, formulas, compounds, etc... . One molecular compound that is important is Carbohydrates. When you think of Carbohydrates, most of the time energy or something that makes you get fat is the first thing that comes to mind. Carbohydrates do have a lot to do with energy. Carbohydrates also have a lot to deal with digestion and the foods you eat. According to Karen C. Timberlake carbohydrates are the most abundant

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