Can Britain Still Cut It on the World Stage?

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Can Britain still cut it on the world stage? Britain makes it on the world stage through its various influences to wider society – Britain was perhaps best qualified as a nation with a central role in previous years. In recent years, however, its role is being played by its other half – the increasingly powerful America; the question at hand today is whether Britain can cut it on the world stage and the answer is perhaps as contentious as the question. One way in which Britain maintains its influence is through its heavily democratic functioning – the idolized idea of democracy is much sought after by many countries which suffer under dictatorial regimes. The democratic nature of Britain reassures the citizens in that their government are acting in the best interests of the people as well as wider society – inclusive of any international citizens, especially those belonging to bodies which Britain holds membership to such as the EU. However, Britain suffers here endless criticism due to increasing rates of immigration and the economic drawbacks that this issue causes; in order to maintain a status on the world stage, it is perhaps in the best interest of Britain to be accepting of foreign individuals which in the long run may help recover the economic deficit. However, Britain still holds a leading role on the world stage – the Ending Sexual Violence in Conflict which took place last week saw Britain exerting large levels of influence and power – maintaining its role on the world stage. William Hague’s involvement in the Summit alongside Angelina Jolie garnered interest from various members of the public as well as delegates from all over the globe. Such a topic is an important area of discussion as well as problem prevention – however, it appeared that Britain fell behind slightly as Hague was criticised for being too star-struck and not focusing on the ISIS
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