Business Ethics. Nike Sweatshops

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Liugai Andrei BA-109 Nike’s sweatshop. Lesson should be learned In modern society, social responsibility of corporate is divided into economic responsibility, Legal liability, responsibility of charity and Ethical responsibility. Ethical responsibilities legally do not have to be forced by social norms formed companies comply voluntarily. So then companies need to pursue what ethical management is. Phenomenon called multinational corporations, business activities were confined within one country in the past have appeared riding the wave of globalization. MNC is company which regulates the activities of production, marketing, or service facilities in foreign country. Without distinction of country where the most economically advantageous to produce raw materials, production, and planned to raise profits by selling the most lucrative market in the most favorable features. Multinational Corporation pursue purely economic purposes, by moving around the people and shareholders, there is no principle of nationality, home of the country's support founded even if there is no relationship. The common feature of these multinational corporations mentioned above, at least two or more countries have sales, organization, production plants, distribution center, licensing or subsidiary businesses more than about 25-45% of total imports from the overseas market, raise global pursuing a strategy. However, depending on the country and the society of different laws and social customs vary the number of activities related to corporate management approach. Today I want to cover the case of Nike, the multinational companies are known as non-ethical business practices before. Background There's no doubt that Nike, world's leading manufacturer of sports shoes and clothes, is one of the innovative business model in the world. Nike is the
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