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Nike Research Paper Posted by admin as Example papers Research Paper: Hitting the wall – Nike and International Labor practice Introduction One should start by saying that having read the Nike company case study I understood that the company despite its great popularity in the USA has certainly been questioned for its notorious exploitory practices abroad. One one had the company strives to minimize its costs and maximize the profits, yet on the other hand some claim that it should do everything possible to benefit the society it works in. The following essay will explore the Nike’s global strategy towards cost minimization, explore the ethics behind it and present numerous educated findings together with my personal opinion. Body Outsourcing is one of the most important business practices that the modern day organizations use in their daily practices to minimize costs and improve competitive advantage. There currently are two main types of outsourcing: traditional and Greenfield 1. Traditional outsourcing is all about employees at the company ceasing to do their jobs and the outside service provider presents these services. In the IT management data centers and networks could be examples of traditional outsourcing (Robbins,34). 2. Greenfield outsourcing is all about is the corporate change without hiring any external employees or service providers. In other words, the company like Nike in our case may hire independent contractors or startup companies to provide some services that the company did not do inhouse (Caroselli, 113). The following essay will speak about the NIKE company and its outsourcing business practices that although proved to be very profitable for Nike at some point of time would attract international attention with respect to the ethics involved in the corporate management, working conditions and compensation. According to corporate

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